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Looking for a team to play on. Now working in Columbia for the next two years and looking to improve my game. 6'0" 165 generally athletic and pretty solid Volleyball player (been playing for a little over a year in miscellaneous leagues) but not smashing ball with loads top spin yet.

— Nick

A for Crown

Looking for 2 girls to play A with on Saturday and maybe a guy to play with on Sunday! email is

— GA (Grace Anne)

Looking for a B or BB Team

Experienced player looking for a BB or B Team for. I've been playing 2 or 3 times a week all Summer. Can set/block for BB Team (6'2'', 165 lbs) or play any position in B. Contact me at or 404-218-6789

— Hal

Crown open or AA

Looking to put together a men's team for the crown. Email me at Thanks


"A" player available

I'm looking to play Mens A on saturday 4/29 if someone needs another player.

— jerad



— Brittney

Looking for a BB team

It's my first outdoor grass tournament. I do not have a team, however, I will be in attendance and am wanting to play if there is anyone looking for an extra. Email me at

— Cody

Looking for BB players

I'm looking for a team for strong BB either Saturday or Sunday. Email me at

— Katie

Grass VB Tourney, Sunday, March 26

Looking to add Men's and Women's A doubles teams. Send message to for more information.

— Carol Schretter

Pick Up Volleyball@Jeep Rogers YMCA

Hello!!! We are looking to grow volleyball at Jeep Rogers YMCA! We play pick up on Tuesdays (7:30pm-9:30pm) and Thursdays (6:30pm-9:30pm). Anyone is invited, but if you're not a YMCA member, there is a charge and you'll need to come at 7pm or later. Also, you'll need to be at least 15. We're hoping to make our playing more competitive and would love to see new faces! Everyone is welcomed! Thanks!!!

— Samoria

Volley for Save-A-Life

Grass doubles and triples, adult and junior divisions. Sunday March 26th. Contact or text 912-398-5767.

— Schretters

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sand courts

Where and when do the sand court players show up, especially on the east side?

— Jim

Lost wallet

Hello my Name Is Reid Johnson and i lost my wallet at the Clash... If anyone Found it please let me Know! My Number is 8037186038 Thanks guys! I appreciate any help!

— Reid

Coed Doubles

Looking for female "A" player for coed doubles at Clash on May 8.

— Joe

Open Gym Play

Open gym play is going on at North Springs Park from 7-9pm on Wednesday's

— Deanna

Looking to play

Does anyone know if the locations for open play are still valid? I went to Friars park on Sunday for the first time and they only had basketball. Is the location of open play on Sunday in a different venue?

— Phil

Just Moved

I am looking to play out/indoor either on a team or at an open gym. I love to play and just moved to the area! Feel free to contact me (520-440-4492). Thanks!

— Chanelle Fox

Looking for team

I would like to play indoor and maybe a few outdoor tournaments

— haley payne

Looking for a team

Several girls in their early 20s would like to be on a volleyball team.

— Elizabeth


I recently moved from New Orleans and was playing a ton of sand volleyball and a little bit of indoor. I am looking to get involved here in Columbia with either some outdoor or indoor. Please contact me with any information about open gym, teams looking for players, torunaments, etc. Anything is appreciated! I'm missing my volleyball! Thanks, Lanie

— Lanie

BB Player Needed This Weekend

Looking for a BB player for Saturday. Text me if interested 843-882-7120. -- Tom

— Tom

Looking for a team

I decided last minute to play my team is set and Im looking for 2 more A or B 7873789515

— Luis

BB Player Needed This Weekend

Looking for a BB Player for this weekend at the Crown. If interested or know anyone who may be interested text/call me 423-312-6817. Thanks!! :)

— Raven

AA/A Player Needed

My team lost a player. Looking for a 3rd for the Crown this weekend. Men's AA or A division. Respond if interested.

— Brett North

The Crown July 25th

Hello out there! Anyone looking to play triples BB this weekend at the crown? Our third had to drop out due to a knee injury. Contact me if you are interested or know of anyone that is interested. Thank you! Jessica 8649822841

— Jessica Binkley

Looking for Volleyball Coach

Hello, My name is Jenna Miller and I play for the University of South Carolina Women's Club Volleyball team. We are currently looking for a coach for this coming season beginning in August. We practice twice a week and attend about 4 tournaments per semester. We would love to have an experienced coach that will add to the club experience for the players. We will be able to pay the coach. Feel free to contact me if you would like more information. Thank you!

— Jenna

Photographer on second day

there was a photographer taking pictures on Sunday anybody knows his website or where to find these photos?

— clint

Pics and Vids

When will y'all upload the pictures and videos?

— Peter

Rain or shine?

Will the Clash for the junior teams take place with thunderstorms?

— Rebecca


Signed up for AA but need to play A. Can we change before tournament

— K

Volleyball over Summer?

Hey! I'm wondering if there is a place for me to play some volleyball over the summer. I played for my college so I have a pretty good understanding of the game, but still refining my skills. Is there a team or place I could play to improve my skills?

— Matthew Dunlap

Clash Tournament

Will this Saturday's Clash tournament still take place with the predicted rain and thunderstorms?

— Jack

BB player needed

Had a guy drop out. Text me if you want to play (843-472-9542)

— John

AA/A player needed

My team lost a player looking for a replacement. AA or A division.

— mike

Trenholm park net up right now

I have my net set up with my CBB partner, but the team that was supposed to practice with us is a no-show. Anyone is free to come by until 630 and play with us! Rain or shine.

— Tim

Question about the Clash

hey i was just wondering if some triple teams play coed ??

— New Kid on the Block

The Salt Games

Sign-up for The Salt Games Pro/Juniors Volleyball Tournament in Myrtle Beach on May 30th and 31st. There will be cash prizes and all proceeds will benefit the Surfriders Foundation. Register at and we hope to see you on the courts!

— Native Sons

Remembering John Taff

Guys....please take some time to pray for John and for his family. I always looked forward to seeing him and playing with him on Thursdays at LBC....His presence will be missed so much out there...John made volleyball fun for me and I have been privileged to have known him and shake his hand...

— Calie

Looking for a female partner to play in Coed B or BB

I am looking for a female partner to play in tomorrow's coed B or BB division. I am new to the area from Northern VA. I play, coach, and officiate volleyball. If you are interested, send me a message at Thanks, Peter

— Peter

Looking for 2 12 year olds to complete a team for Saturday 7/26

— Dee

looking for the Crown Saturday A/BB

Im a single player looking for a team for the Crown.

— Allen Caldwell

Looking for team for Saturday A/BB

I am looking for a team to play on Saturday. A or BB :)

— Heidi Platow

Looking for BB or A girl for sunday

Looking for BB or A girl for sunday,

— Robert Lee Chidlers

Need a Womens Team for Saturday

Looking to play A or BB.

— Kayla

"A" woman for the Crown

Need a Woman for the Crown, Saturday "A" level. email me at

— Lynn

27 Year old men who wants to play

Hi! I have just come to the US from Spain. I am looking for a place to play voleyball, know people and have good time. I do not have very high level but I really like this sport. So if someone need a player I am available. Email: ; Cell phone: 803-409-8511. Thanks

— Mario Herrero

Need a girl for Sat - A or BB

My team just lost our third and we need a girl to play on Sat. Looking for an A or strong BB player. Please get in touch ASAP if you need a team! :-) Missjennieberger (at) gmail (dot) com

— Jennie

New in town

New to columbia and have been competitive in BB and A for last 8 years, in indoor and outdoor. Looking to find a team. Any help would be great. Email or txt 803-477-5596

— Tye

Walk-up Saturday

Any problem getting in MBB on Saturday?

— George

Sunday A league Female

Looking for a female to play with on Sunday, A text me at 9106221353

— kyle kinder

Beaufort Water Festival Volleyball Tournament

Outdoor tournament scheduled for June 14, 2014. For more info, please go to

— Chris

Clash Coed Partner Needed

Looking for a male B partner for coed on Sunday. Email: or text 803-530-2390

— Krystal A


is there supposed to be three names on there

— eric

Clash Saturday women's triples bb player

Hello, I need a team for Saturday. I play bb. I'm short so I don't bring much as far as hitting or blocking but could set.

— Kim Haught

Mens Triples BB - Need one more

Looking for only one more to join a Mens Triples BB (or B) team for Saturday. Let me know at or 315-264-9074

— Bill Carinci

Clash triples

I'm looking for a triples team for Saturday. I normally play A. Email is cell is 336-528-3296

— Hannah Dudley

Co-Ed BB Partner Needed

Looking for a female BB partner for Sunday. Email

— Chad

Mens BB Triples

Looking for a couple guys to form a BB Mens Triples team for Saturday. Email me at

— Bill C


What is the level of play for y'all's outdoor pickup? Been off the courts for a few years but interested in coming back!

— Laura

Co-Ed B

Looking for a co-ed B male partner for the Sunday Clash. Email me at

— Kayla C

Female Co Ed partner A/AA for clash

Im looking for a female Co ed partner for the clash. Strong A/AA here and hoping for same. Can block, hit, jump serve, email me at

— Matt M.

Clash Saturday

Looking for a team for the triples portion of the Clash. Can set or hit in A.

— Kelly Cave

Clash Coed Partner

Send me a msg if interested.

— Michael

Clash co-ed female partner

I'm looking for a partner for the co-ed tournament. Looking to play A/AA. Send me an email @

— Doug

high school assistant coaches needed

send inquiries to

— beezy

No more North Springs??

I see that it's not on the calendar for Tuesdays eff. Feb. 18! What happened?

— PatBB


Looking for any Columbia pickup games - indoor or outdoor!

— Laura

Holiday Pick-Up?!

Your calendar says that there will be normal Tue. VB on Christmas

— PatBB

Looking for Player

Need 1 Men's BB player for the Crown

— Shawn Acton