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Columbia Volleyball Club supports and coordinates local volleyball events and advances the development of players, coaches and facilities in Columbia and all around South Carolina. At CVC, it is our goal and our privilege to provide our members with the opportunities, tools and resources they need to get in the game and become the best players they can be.


By becoming a member of CVC, you are connecting with a driven and enthusiastic community as passionate about volleyball as you are. Membership will help you stay in the know and get all the information you need about tournaments, free outdoor net games, and open gyms for players of all ages. Become a member to improve your skills, stay informed, make friends, and save money on tournaments and gear.

Columbia Volleyball Club is one of the largest volleyball clubs in South Carolina, with opportunities for recreational and competitive play for men, women, coeds and juniors all year round.

If you are a fan of the game, free stuff, and tournament discounts, then you definitely need to become a member of Columbia Volleyball Club today!

benefits of becoming a member

  • Tournament Discounts

  • Volleyball Discounts

  • Free Access To Portable Outdoor Nets

  • Connect with the Volleyball Community

  • Stay Volleyball Informed

  • Improve Skills

  • Increase Playing Opportunities

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